In pictures: laying concrete on the vintage Lipetsk airport

Novorossiysk Branch of Federal State Unitary Enterprise "State ATS at Spetsstroy Russia" started laying concrete in vintage 4th Center deployment and retraining crews (Lipetsk aviatsentr).


Start laying vintage concrete — a crucial moment even for experienced builders, cement workers, since it is the top layer of the runway or aircraft parking areas, namely the quality of vintage concrete in the first place and assessed the quality of reconstruction. Requires fine-tuning the concreting of the complex, in the early hours of styling experts are closely watching every inch the laid solution.

As the practice of collective Novorossiysk branch of FSUE "State ATS at Spetsstroy Russia" is the first experience of brand placement of concrete, to arrangements and monitoring the progress of work were involved specialists, showing excellent results at the airport in Akhtubinsk in the State Flight Test Center of V. P.Chkalova.

During the first two hours of paver Gomaco has reserved more than thirty meters of coverage — a good result for the first installation.

"At the moment our task to enter the performance of 640 meters per day of light, — says the head of SMU plans 3-Novorossiysk branch Alex Unruh. — We know that kaluzhane Akhtubinsk reach higher levels. But our object is not the longest, and the experience we do a little. "

Start work in the Lipetsk aviation center was given a year ago in June 2012., When Novorossiysk branch SU ATS started the reconstruction of a number of infrastructure projects.

For work involving more than 200 people and 28 units of special equipment. Much of it, including concreting complex Gomaco-2400, as well as concrete plant Liebherr capacity of 100 m3, was purchased specifically for the conduct of reconstruction aviation center.

Along with the concrete work specialists road aerodrome control are on the airfield aviation center cabling and installation of electrical equipment.

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