In pictures: Small hydro — Maginskaya and Ahtynskogo

Picture story José Yero.

A couple of examples of small hydroelectric power plants on the example of Dagestan small hydro. That is the modern and the old Soviet Maginskoy Ahtynskogo.

Maginskaya HPP. Some sources said Maikchayskaya HPP. Located on the River Magee (Maik Chai), a tributary of river. Samur.

This is a new power plant, built in 2006 by the Prometheus (What unsophisticated and informs the sign on the building hydropower plants). The building, as you can see, very little. No more large garage.

Hydropower project Prometheus fabricated. They diversion type. The structures requires a small low-pressure dam, water intake, small pipes and the building itself is in a small area. Power of a 1.2 MW power plant. In the photo — Maginskoy plant layout of the museum of the Dagestan branch of RusHydro.

The building has 2 units at 0.6 MW, which operate in automatic mode.

Tailrace of the hydroelectric power station in the great square meter is a meter. The magnificent spectacle, abruptly than spillway of the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station :)

River Magee (Maik Chai). I literally walked a little away from the fence and was immediately surrounded by a harsh gunmen.

Behind the station — the border with the neighboring country. Do not walk around. Removed only in the direction of Dagestan.

In the same side, too, on a tributary of the Samur — River Ahtychay is another hydroelectric power plant — Ahtynskogo HPP. It also refers to small hydropower plants. Like most other small hydropower plants, it is based on a derivation scheme.

In a fairly large engine room is 3 hydroelectric 0.6 MW. They built the station in 1949. Then it was called the "inter-farm Ahtynskogo power plant".

In 1971, the station was mothballed. In 1997, realizing the needs of the district’s electricity was restored.

At the power plant building still stands DagEnergo inscription — the former owner of the station.

By the way, with the coming day of energy of all involved! :)

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