In pictures. The An-70 in the new color

April 9, 2013 at the Kiev airport Svyatoshino production plant "Antonov", the first flight of the second (and only cash) prototype military transport aircraft An-70 (serial number 01-02, Ukrainian registration UR-NTK) after repainting it at the production plant " Antonov "in a dark-gray monochromatic color, corresponding to the present standard of the Russian Air Force.

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The second prototype of the An-70 (serial number 770102) was built on the Kyiv Aviation Plant "AVIANT" (now Serial plant "Antonov"), and first flew on December 8, 1996. From July 2010 to August 2012 was held in Svyatoshino at the production plant, "Antonov" repair and modernization, including in accordance with the new requirements of the Ministry of Defense of Russia. Flight tests of the airplane were renewed in Kiev September 27, 2012, and in December the car was handed over to the first stage of joint tests for the benefit of the defense ministries of Russia and Ukraine, with which it is associated and repainting.

The second test flight model of the An-70 (serial number 01-02, Ukrainian registration UR-NTK) in the first flight after repainting in a dark-gray monochromatic color. Kyiv, 09.04.2013 (c) Oleg Belyakov /

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