In pictures: the construction of ships for CVD Vympel

One small news site with CVD "Vympel", but in the meantime the factory works accelerated pace. I propose to see what has been done since the beginning of the year the plant.

In January, the plant began construction of a series of new launches upgraded on the basis of the project 12150 "Mongoose" for the Russian Navy.

The modernization project was carried out by experts CCP «Vympel" together with the CMDB "Diamond".
Interior layout has been changed ship, increased superstructure refined control system of machine-gun fire, etc.

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  • (C) photo parohod / (clickable)

The result would be to improve the modernization of combat, tactical, maritime and technical characteristics of the boats, as well as significantly improve its habitability (crew accommodation).

To date, two boats have already laid the updated draft 12150A and one of them has already launched on June 4 this year and is being tested. It was he who demonstrated at the International Maritime Defense Show 2013 in St. Petersburg.

But the plant completes and the previous series mongoose.

Thus, on 30 April and 7 May were launched new boats this project for the Russian Federal Security Service

New boats have already been tested and delivered to the customer on May 24, June 10 and June 20 respectively.

In addition to boats Mongoose plant project as for the FSB Russia is building a series of boats "Chibis" project 21850. April 22, April 25 were lowered two boats of this project. On June 17 the two boats were handed over to the customer and delivered to the place of service.

The next two boats of this project were launched in June and is currently being tested.

The plant currently being built a series of launches project 21850 "Chibis"

And recently, July 5, 2013, at the GCC "Vympel" launched on border patrol boat of 1496M1 "Manatee" (serial number 01405) for the Coast Guard, the Federal Security Service of Russia. The project is developed on the basis of the boat harbor tug civil project in 1496.

Recipient boats — Russian FSB Border management in the Republic of Dagestan.

Tow boat inshore project 1496M1 intended for towing non-powered boats in the coastal areas of marine basins, transportation of people (up to 12 people) and cargo (up to 2 tons) on the deck, as well as participate in search and rescue operations.

But the plant is building the boat, not only for the FSB. In this month’s "Shipbuilding plant" Vympel "started production of fiberglass pleasure boats MV-MARIN 5400 different versions.

To do this, the company reconstructed shop PKM, purchased the necessary equipment to and training of production. The company is planning commercial production of various small boats made of polymer composites

In August 2013 on "Shipbuilding plant" Vympel "will lay the sea passenger hydrofoil new generation of" Comet 120M "Project 23160, the development of" CDB SEC them. RE Alexeev. "

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