In pictures: The second modernized A-50U in the new standard color

There are photos of the second series of modernized A-50U aircraft in gray. At JSC "Taganrog Aviation Scientific-Technical Complex Beriev" (Beriev) finished second serial modernization of aircraft airborne warning and control A-50 Russian Air Force variant of the A-50U.

The second series modernized A-50U aircraft was aboard the "Red 33". This aircraft (serial number 0043454618, serial number 41-05) was built in 1984, and entered on the upgrade of Beriev at the beginning of 2011. Currently machine is tested after the upgrade and is painted in the new colors of Russian Air Force.

The prototype of the modernized A-50U aircraft is aircraft with tail number "37 Red" (serial number 0083476298, serial number 58-05), owned by Beriev. Certificate of completion of state tests of the A-50U was signed on 26 November 2009.

The first mass-produced aircraft modernized A-50U (tail number "47 red", registration number RF-92957, serial number 0043453577, serial number 40-05) after upgrading to Beriev was handed the Russian Air Force October 31, 2011.

The air force drill all Russian aircraft A-50 series are part stationed at the airfield Ivanovo North Air Group of combat use AEW 610 th Center deployment and retraining flight crew (aviation personnel of military transport aircraft) 4th State training center for aviation personnel and military trials.

From the known data, now in the air group, there are 17 types of aircraft A-50 and A-50U, not counting a minimum of two aircraft in storage.


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