In pictures. Transportation hydrocracker at Achinsk Refinery

Krasnoyarsk on the roads continues the unique transport operation — delivery of oversized equipment Achinsk refinery in order to modernize production. In general, for a few months, four hydrocracker a total weight of over 2.5 tonnes have to overcome 210 kilometers from the marina Kubekovo to Achinsk.

Now comes the second stage of transportation, which began with the departure of the self-propelled platform for the federal highway M-53 "Baikal". Transportation is carried out GC "Spetstyazhavtotrans."

September 22, super heavy weight for Achinsk Refinery — hydrocracker — crossed another technically complex mark on your way: the pedestrian bridge near the village of Emelyanovo on highway M-53.

The height of the pedestrian bridge at the 759th km of the highway in the vicinity of the settlement. Emelyanovo is 5.5 meters — that’s half a meter less than required for the transport of the reactor under suspension design.

To solve the problem, the upper part of the bridge was lifted at 2 m above the ground by means of four hydraulic jacks that can lift loads weighing 4.4 tonnes After passing through the reactor bridge was lowered into place.


To the object platform reached at dusk

Footbridge on the federal highway M-53 "Baikal" platform with a record cargo passed

Ahead of the transport trains 7 m wide, with an average read speed of 1.5-2 km / h, much more difficult obstacles — three times he will have to cross the railroad tracks, including the Trans-Siberian Railway, to overcome the 17 rivers and streams and 168 lines. On the remaining 150 km of the road works on hardware platforms temporary sediment load and bypass designs.

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