In Pikalevo completing the construction of the Leningrad region

Greenhouse Complex "All year round"

Commercial operation of the first stage of greenhouses being built in Pikalevo as part of the comprehensive investment plan (CIP) modernization of the company towns, will begin in November.

To date, the construction site was done and completed installation of metal glazing area of 7 hectares. Contractor is working on the outer lining of communications and installation of equipment in greenhouses.

In the framework of the implementation of government commitments on entering the engineering infrastructure of the territory of the greenhouse complex summed up the highway, gas pipeline network vodopodvedeniya and sanitation. In the final stage is a solution to the problem by connecting the complex "year round" on the permanent scheme to power transmission lines.

In parallel with the general construction tasks investor forms a cadre of greenhouse owners, some of which have already been trained.

On assurance of the company’s management "year round" Pikalevo first harvest will go on sale before the New Year.

The design capacity of the greenhouse complex, LLC "year round" of up to 10,000 tons of vegetables from an area of 13 hectares. The total project cost is estimated at 1.5 billion rubles.

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