In Pikalevo (Leningrad region). Opened a business incubator

In g.Pikalevo opened a business incubator for start-ups. As the press service of the regional government for the residents provided 27 premises for small businesses and offices.
The business incubator already has 10 business projects, which include manufacturers of paints and varnishes, furniture, sporting goods, food products, the organization of cargo transportation, mini printing press, counseling center on business. It is assumed that all small businesses business incubator will create about 50 new jobs in the city.
For entrepreneurs in the business incubator at preferential rents: in the first year allowance on rent will be 40%, in the second — 60%. In addition, residents provide consulting services for the development of the business, legal and informational support.
Investing in a business incubator amounted to more than 36 million rubles. from the federal and regional budgets. The project was implemented within the framework of the comprehensive investment plan for the city

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