In Podolsk, near Moscow opened a kindergarten for 140 places

September 7, the official opening of a new kindergarten number 55 in the district "Grasshoppers". He was named "Grasshopper."

3-storey building of a new nursery school for 140 children on the street. General Smirnov, 8 is built on the most modern project. It contains all the necessary facilities — catering department, game rooms, music, gym and assembly halls. Prepared the site for walks in the fresh air, brick patio, installed jungle gym with sandboxes, slides, swings, equipped with physical training area.

"Grasshopper" was the fourth kindergarten opened in Podolsk in 2013, and by the end of the year is planned to commission two more — also in the neighborhood, "Grasshoppers» — № № 57 and 59.

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