In Pogar (Bryansk region) has opened a sports center

In Pohar commissioned a sports center with swimming pool "Odyssey." Its construction and equipping of the regional budget allocated about 120 million rubles. The complex includes a swimming pool with two baths — for adults and children, sports, fitness and wrestling rooms. Under the open sky a tennis court, basketball and volleyball courts.

Construction of sports facilities in Bryansk is in full swing: from 2006 to 2011 in the area were built and reconstructed 45 objects. Even during the crisis, the region did not reduce funding for the work in this direction. Actively building new stadiums, ice rinks, sports and Ozdoev ¬ rovitelnye complexes.

The opening of a sports complex in the area Pogarskaya — a long awaited event for veterans of sport and a great gift district youth, fond of sports. Honorable right to cut the ribbon has been granted the master of sports in sambo world champion Svetlana Suchkova, master of sports of wrestling, champion of the USSR Tatyana Telegina, one of the first masters of the sport of wrestling in Bryansk Nicholas elbow and the younger generation.

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