In Polevskoi (Sverdlovsk region) launched a new hot dip galvanizing plant

Hot dip galvanizing plant Ltd. "UZGTS" created for the production of metal structures by applying anticorrosive coatings based on zinc. All this will greatly extend the life of metal products. The relatively small cost for applying such coatings can save on the purchase of new metal.

  • photo Tatiana Andreeva WG
  • photo Tatiana Andreeva WG

The design capacity of the enterprise allow galvanizing 30,000 tons of metal per year. Technology program for the drafting of the workpiece surface in baths with different chemical compositions. Available crane industry gives the ability to handle overall design.


The industrial complex, LLC "UZGTS" is built from its own resources and credit companies — investors JSC "South-Service." The total project cost is about 450 million rubles. The plant has modern equipment of the Italian company «Maccabeo» with automated systems of control and management of technical processes, regeneration of the treated solutions. Manufacturing has a closed loop with no external discharge of harmful substances.


On the territory of Russia at the beginning of 2012 there are only four companies that profile, which can be zinc plated steel structures up to 13 meters, including the Company "UZGTS." Among the potential consumers of the products of the plant metallurgical enterprises, energy, housing and communal services.


Start the first phase of the plant will create a Polevskoi further 120 jobs, as well as give impetus to the development of support industries for the manufacture of steel structures. Operation of the plant will generate revenue in the budget of the city and the area of tax payments in the amount of not less than 20 million rubles a year.


According to the experts of the regional Ministry of Industry and Science, the project’s prospects are confirmed by assessing the state of the market data services in the territory of the Russian Federation and the Sverdlovsk region, world trends. Mandatory requirements for hot-dip galvanized products used in various industries, provides technical regulations, standards and modalities adopted and developed in Russia.



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