In Primorye Artem City opened a kindergarten

The opening of a kindergarten in the city of Artem for 280, despite the inclement weather and torrential rain, it was a great holiday present. New pre-school — kindergarten number 22, located in the center of the city, got its second birth. Its uniqueness is that it is the first municipal kindergarten, built by private investors.

Kindergarten building was built in 1972. At one time it was one of the best gardens of the city, where grew more than one generation of young artemovtsev. However, when in the 90 years the demographic situation in the city evolved in such a way that the number of places in day care exceeded the number of pre-school children, it was decided to transfer the building of a kindergarten for free use for 25 years Artemovsk branch of the Far Eastern State University.

Today the situation is different, and the need for day care centers has become very relevant, especially in the city center. A year ago, the head of Artem Novikov Vladimir had decided to return the building of a kindergarten. Give it a second life, completely rebuilt and refurbished, volunteered JSC "Stroyinvest.

By 53 million of private investment were added 12 million budget, leaving the city received a brand new, bright, spacious, modern and equipped with all the standards of a day care center

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