In Primorye received new ambulances

Another batch of ambulance cars went to the region of Primorsky Krai. June 26, the new ambulances were Nadezhda, St. Michael, Kirov, Red and Lazo areas.

Ambulances — Oise Class "B" — they are equipped with all the necessary equipment for emergency first aid. There is already a defibrillator, the device controlled and assisted ventilation, inhalation anesthesia apparatus with a gas mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide, truck access with removable stretcher, stretcher, and much more.

Until the end of the week, all 48 cars "first aid" from the first batch admitted in Primorye this year, will be transferred to the hospital.

By the end of 2013 in the Maritime region will be fully upgraded fleet of ambulances. In just two years ambulance service in the region will receive 200 new cars. 


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