In Pronsk (Ryazan region). Opened a new housing district hospital

October 3 opened a new therapeutic housing PRONSKAYA hospital. Since its commissioning completed last term construction of health facilities in the district.

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District hospital serves 8877 people — residents Pronsk and nearby villages, including small remote villages. 

Handed over a symbolic key to the head physician hospital Galina Bondareva. "This is probably the most exciting moment — she admitted. — To be honest, we just do not naraduemsya. Here’s a white liner turned out. "

The construction of the new medical building was sent 84 million, the bulk of which — the regional budget. It houses a clinical diagnostic laboratory, X-ray department, the station "ambulance", hospitals and therapeutic children’s department, the offices of ultrasound diagnosis, ECG, spirometry, physical therapy room, physiotherapy and massage rooms. Almost all of these services are transferred from the old buildings. Purchased a new X-ray complex. Future plans include the opening of the inter-district rehabilitation center for 15 beds for patients after a stroke.


Currently, the hospital has nine doctors, medical personnel staffing is 86%. Weekly schedule advisory reception held by specialists of Novomichurinsk CRH. Emergency medical care is provided paramedic crew substation ambulance fleet which meets modern requirements.

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