In Pskov Center opened children’s reading

Tuesday, July 23, the Center opened children’s reading. The symbolic ribbon in front of the new building was cut by acting First Deputy Governor of the Pskov region Faith Emelyanov, head of the city of Pskov Ivan Tsetsersky Acting Head of the Administration of Pskov Gennady Baryshnikov.

The opening ceremony was also attended by Chairman of the State Committee for Culture Alexander Golishev, city officials, library environment, the students, their parents and teachers, the residents of the neighborhood "Zavelich’e."

Vera Emelyanova noted that such an institution did not open in Pskov for 20 years. "Center of children’s reading — the city is a great gift for an anniversary. A gift that is really needed. This is — a symbol of culture, education and our future, "- she said, noting that today’s event — the most significant in the prazdnovaniya1110 anniversary of Pskov.

Children‘s Reading Center meets all modern requirements. Here is everything you need for all-round development of children. "Our main task — to teach children to read. We must strive to ensure that the youth reading has become a fashionable pastime, "- said Vera Emelyanov.

She thanked all those who contributed to the creation of the Center of children’s reading, and presented in a gift set of books.

Ivan Tsetsersky also presented the certificate to the Centre for the replenishment of the book fund. He expressed the hope that the center will always be filled with kids, and there will be held a fascinating interactive activities.

After the official part of the head of the library Natalia Petrova held for a short tour. Vera Emelyanov, Ivan Tsetsersky and Gennady Baryshnikov examined the reading and entertainment areas, which already were the first young visitors.

The Centre organized children’s reading individual readers and entertainment areas for preschool, primary school children and adolescents. There is also open to posescheniyakonferents room, a literary salon and a room for interesting meetings. The library in almost every room installed computer equipment — and to librarians, and for visitors who will be free to seek information on the Internet. The center of children’s reading will operate free access point WiFi.

In the Center of Children’s Reading unusual system for keeping books. From the traditional principle of the closed store books have moved here for free access. All literature openly exposed to the readers. In the new premises were placed about 30 thousand books for different age groups.

Acting First Deputy Governor Vera Emelyanova talked with the staff of the library and asked the views of the residents of the new Center. "Previously, the libraries we have only seen in big cities. We are glad that they now have and we have, "- said the people of Pskov.

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