In Pskov, opened a kindergarten Aistenok for 240

This event inhabitants of the city were waiting for any one year. For a long time, is almost ready to start kindergarten unable to complete the work he was under the Ministry of Defence, and it, in turn, has been slow to pass on the establishment of the balance of the city. Red tape lasted and lasted. And just a few months ago, the Ministry of Defense gave a garden.

And it has happened. Kindergarten opened its doors to children. And let them yet a little more and not all rooms refurbished to the end, but a start. Garden revived, transformed, and early in the morning to him already drawn a string of parents with children.


— This joyous day not only for the children and parents, but also for the administration of the region and the city, — Said Governor Andrew Turchak, arrived at the discovery. — We all know how many years it was a question of kindergarten transfer to the city. In this regard I would like to thank the authorities of Pskov’s consistent position in the negotiations.



Thanks to the efforts of the authorities more 200 families now breathe a sigh of relief. Question: "Where to put the child?" Will no longer sound like a rhetorical question.


The Governor noted that the elimination of queues in kindergartens — a priority in the work of the regional administration. Within two years, the joint efforts of the local authorities within the framework of the project initiated by the party "Party Lovers Lemonade"Opened a further 480 seats, and in February of next year will be put into operation renovated kindergarten on the street. The May Day for up to 110 children.

— We do everything to ensure that the problem was solved queues, — said Andrei Turchak. — In Pskov, six months later all reduced by half, and a year later the problem of queues and all must be addressed. Good luck, "Aistenok"!

The main holiday guests, or rather its owners themselves are not yet fully accustomed to my second home, so embarrassed and intimidated. So when the teacher of one of the groups presented several girls bouquets of flowers and asked to give the guests of honor, those on the segment declined and even burst into tears.

The garden was very warm, bright and welcoming. New windows, new comfortable furniture, spacious hygienic rooms, decorated as befits tiles, separate facilities for young educator with a sink for dishes, beautiful toys — a good example of what should be the pre-school institutions in the city to walk in them pleasant and comfortable .

Not enough garden while only one — it is not yet filled with children. Only the children, rather than new clothes and toys, give detsadike your character, only then it turns out to really cozy and homely.

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