In public hospitals will Krasnoyarsk equipment for endoscopic surgery

In Krasnoyarsk, in the near future in public hospitals will Krasnoyarsk equipment for endoscopic surgery. This was told on September 7, during a press conference the chief surgeon of Alex Konovalenko.

According to him, the knowledge gained edge surgeons in the master-classes, who held in Krasnoyarsk known pediatric surgeons Kirgizov Igor and Sergei Zorkin, do not have time to become obsolete, because at the end of this year or early next goes to the edge of medical equipment purchased now , including equipment for endoscopic operations.

When asked whether all hospitals will deliver equipment such Konovalenko said that in the first place will be equipped hospitals of regional significance, inter-district hospitals and some of the central district hospital. "You have to understand where you need such equipment, worth millions, and where it is easier to organize the delivery of the patient to a major center," — said the chief surgeon. Note that at the moment in the Krasnoyarsk government hospitals are held only a few types of surgery using endoscopic surgery. A large number of patients are forced to wait for allocation of quotas and sent to other cities, or go to private clinics.

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