In purest (Yaroslavl region). Built a unique water treatment plant

In the village of Immaculate Pershamaiski area within the regional program "Clean Water" completed the construction of a unique water treatment plant.
— In purest water is very bad because of the high content of iron, — said the deputy head of the municipal district of the Pervomai Yuri Kudryavtsev. — The new station would solve this problem.


The modern station equipment installed cost of about 10.5 million rubles. Parts for it are made in the USA, Italy, Spain, Germany, and raised it in Russia.
— Water quality is excellent — said Andrey Baranov, director of the construction company performing the work. — For purification using UV and not chloro. You can drink the water straight from the tap, as in Europe, and the quality can be compared with the spring. In larger cities use such an installation is not: it is designed for small towns, such as a settlement.
For project funding from the regional budget has been allocated about 20 million rubles.

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