In Radon launched a new pressing plant radioactive waste

  • Sent for recycling barrel under the number 1000


In the outgoing 2012 officers of the pilot plant applications radiochemical technologies (OZPRT) SIA "Radon" faced with an increase in the number of applications for handling radioactive waste (RW) require pre-sorting.

Of particular difficulty is the waste received under an agreement with one of the organizations "Rosenergoatom". For storage and transportation in a container dvuhsotlitrovye used metal barrels that because of this, too, have moved into the category of waste.

It was decided to launch into operation the pressing UP-500, a long time is in conservation.

By the employees of several departments OZPRT waste was sorted and re-equipped, and barrels contaminated with radioactive materials, compressed to reduce the amount of waste being sent to the long-term safe storage. 

— In SIA "Radon" works installing powerful compacting waste, — The director OZPRT Michael D. White. — But it produces compression in containers European format. For processing dvuhsotlitrovyh barrels we run the installer, considered a spare. And she allowed to deal with a very specific party waste. Barrel number 1000 has become a kind stamp modest production stage.

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