In recent years, defense spending in Russia is growing

Chairman of the Defense Committee Viktor Zavarzin commented on the cost of retrofitting the Russian army weapons and military equipment.

Zavarzin said: "In recent years, defense spending is constantly growing, which allows for a phased re Armed Forces with modern weapons and special military hardware. Overall, the budget for the "National Defense" for 2011 provides for expenditure of $ 1520 617.6 million, which exceeds the volume of 2010 by 245 823,7 million rubles, or 19.28%. The growth of budget allocations in 2012 and 2013 compared to the previous year is provided in the amount of 140 080.5 million (9.2%) and 440 925.8 million (26.6%). Let me draw your attention to the fact that the share of national defense spending relative to GDP in 2011 will amount to 3.01%, in 2012 — 2.97% and in 2013 — 3.39%, higher than the parameters in 2010 (2.84% ). Each of us understands that only in the presence of modern weapons and military equipment will be provided with an effective defense.

Today, a significant proportion are expenses for the purchase and repair of arms, military and special equipment: in 2011 — 459 674.0 million (increased relative to 2010 by 20%), in 2012 — 595 591.4 million rubles, in 2013 — 980 063.0 million. In the years 2011/2012/2013 allocations for technical equipment, allocated as follows: R & D — 20% / 18% / 16% (in 2010 — 22%), purchase of AMSE — 64% / 66% / 70% (in 2010 — 65%), repair of AMSE — 15% / 15% / 14% (in 2010 — 13%). Note that the cost of the technical equipment of the army planned taking into account the need to implement the State Armaments Program for 2011 — 2020 years, moreover, the federal programs, the individual decisions of the President of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Russian Federation, as well as from the need to compensate for higher prices for service, military and special equipment. Just note and expenditures under subsection "nuclear weapons complex" in 2011-2013., They amounted to 26 968.0 million, 27 million and 475,0 30 299,0 million, respectively, which provides growth relative to 2010 no less than 44% and is associated with the execution of tasks the state armament program (99.4% of the amount to the cost of the purchase of weapons, military and special equipment).

I note that there is no purpose to join as many first bet must be placed on quality. The Russian army should be equipped with the appropriate military equipment to successfully carry out its tasks, "- said V.Zavarzin.

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