In record time, built a new school in Irkutsk region

Less than a hundred days — and the place of conflagration in the village Bulusa Ekhirit-Bulagat area already dominated the new school.  The wooden building built in 1928, which housed the old school was completely destroyed by fire on April 30, and to erect a new building began on May 3.

The new school will accommodate 100 students. The building consists of two-storey teaching block, sports hall and dining room. In a separate wing of the house a group of preschoolers. The area of the building will be five thousand square meters. On school grounds will be a stadium with basketball, volleyball and soccer courts, running tracks and grandstands.

"For us it is — fantastic. And life is fantastic and we are pleased fantastic. Everyone is ready to go to a new school, acquire a new form, of course, new textbooks and supplies. Overall, our entire region in a joyful, excited" — Jacob BASHELHANOV, director.
Computers, furniture and equipment already purchased and waiting for the end of construction in warehouses. New School budetsootvetstvovat all modern standards, all the outputs of the educational institution equipped with ramps so that could be taught children with disabilities, will be installed elevator.

The situation with the construction of the new school took personal control of the governor of the Irkutsk region Sergey Eroschenko. Today, along with the government delegation head of the region came to see how things work. Funding for construction is financed through long-term target program "Social development of the village."

The head of the region’s notes: building a school in Buluse — an example of the fact that in the shortest time possible to build facilities of the highest quality — and thus Budget savings. This approach, and the use of standard designs can achieve that in the major cities and in remote villages Angara sotsuchrezhdeniya were comfortable and modern.

"No need to reinvent the wheel every day, you need to work on technology for quality. Course, these projects will be developed. I think in the near future, we will carry out such projects in a more rapid timeframe. And today — proud of it."

The new school — new opportunities: in Buluse will now develop further education. To get started here will open a music club. And, besides — in the village dare a shortage of places in kindergartens: two offices in the new building will give preschoolers.

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