In reinforcements against Russia in orange and blue green cast

The development of nuclear energy and heavy industry, the development of natural resources of the Arctic shelf, the creation of tourism infrastructure in the North Caucasus — all these global projects Russia faced strong resistance in the face of the international environmental organization Greenpeace. A reasonable question is: whose interests are served by the office called? Whether snow leopards and polar bears?

"The secret of the success of the organization lies in the secret of success of its creation: it does not matter what is true, it is only important that people consider it a truth. You are the one which you put in the press. The organization has become a myth and at the same time — in the car on the creation of the myth. "

"Machiavellianism and mysticism played an equal role in shaping the world organization. At times, it came to religious fervor, and at other times — up to cruelty, bordering on barbarism. Venality and grandeur go hand in hand, reaping the fruits. "

The two phrases were spoken at all about the North Atlantic Alliance. Not about the Italian "cosa nostra" and not on a terrorist "gangs." Not a totalitarian sect, belief and sucking money out of millions of fanatics. No information about the Empire, octopus engulfed the Earth. And even the notorious Masonic lodges have these statements very remote. It was about the "Greenpeace", the most powerful and best known to date, the international environmental organization in the world. The first is owned by its co-founder Paul Watson, eventually founded the competing ecological society "Sea Shepherd". The second quotation — excerpt from the book "Warriors of the Rainbow," another co-founder and spiritual father "Greenpeace" Robert Hunter.

It is the main creator, which is so unflattering expressed Watson, David McTaggart was in the "past life" — an unsuccessful real estate agent, who managed to escape from his company for a moment before its investors and his own relatives were ruined completely. Unfortunately, this is not a word in the tear-official biography of the founder of "Green Peace" — an indispensable attribute of any claims to messianic "guru." According to the "canonical version", in 1971, 39-year-old McTaggart suddenly saw the light and decided to save the planet!

It was then twenty-eight years ago, and was founded by a "group of enthusiasts" environmental organization under the romantic name "Green World", over time grown into an international corporation with offices in 27 countries and five million members worldwide. Guess the time when the "Greenpeace" settled in Russia, can be elementary: 1992. McTaggart is most remembered for public squabbles and mud flows broke it in 1979 to the top management, "Greenpeace" when a life-and-death struggle in the battle for a new head of the organization department seized around the world. On the eve of the collapse of the Soviet Union McTaggart resigned as head of "Greenpeace" and became its honorary chairman, and promised to continue to engage primarily in "by the Soviet Union to clean up its environment." Its successor, the "young wolves" zealous about the continuation of the "gurus" and today "Greenpeace" has turned into a leader of the "green" movement.

Today, "Greenpeace" — the organization declaratively cosmopolitan, formally subordinate to any political or economic power in the world and no one completely financially controlled. In these qualities with the "Greenpeace" are matched only by a few religious denominations but may still exist secret societies, their networks Entangling world. "Greenpeace" has long since turned into a thriving economic monster that spends its own environmental campaign a little more than a third of all of its assets, in 1998, the figure was only 38% of total costs. The rest is mainly investing in various funds (21%), "the administration needs" (15%), the vague "support actions" (9%), informing the public about its merits (9%) and spending on positive reviews in the press (8%). Net income as "Greenpeace" for the year 1998 amounted to nearly $ 101 million. In this case, the official statistics, "Greenpeace" insists on the fact that 125 million of the total income of 121 million accounts on private donations 2,400,000 "invisible ordinary people" around the world.

Besides the fact that this funding scheme is extremely unstable and is more suitable for single-stock "relatively honest obtaining money", this "way of working with investors," is an excellent reason for lobbying, and even elementary grinpisovskih buying programs in the bud by the public authorities of the countries concerned or individual. Talk of the town was a resounding scandal of the late 70's, when the French journalists proved that the protests of the local branch of the "Greenpeace" against the construction of nuclear power plants in France were paid from the American pocket, and the actions themselves Protestants agreed with the U.S. government to advance on the European market its energy company. Since then, the French penetrated the uttermost allergic to all the "green" movement and action in general.

"Greenpeace" — the organization is strictly hierarchical, built on the model of military units, with paramilitary troops and support units, uniforms, autonomous means of communication. The degree of preparation of an action at the "Greenpeace" corresponds to planning military operations. The structure of "Greenpeace" include or cooperate with it hundreds of research laboratories, computer centers, research department and marketing groups, whose work is coordinated from a central organization, the so-called «Stichting Greenpeace Council». Calculated everything from organized pressure on the "sympathizers" in the government, parliament, business community and the country selected the desired lighting stock in local and international media to the development of symbolic action and selection of photogenic performers. None, even the action was overlooked in Tynda or New Caledonia? can not be made without the approval of the board, "Greenpeace International". This organization allows to solve tasks with a high degree of effectiveness. Thus in their statutes "Greenpeace" advocates certainly active, but formally "non-violent" methods of its shares. However, it is clear that in the case of blocking of nuclear reactors or elementary assaults on ocean fishing vessels to talk about pacifist harmlessness of "green" is not necessary.

"Greenpeace" — an organization that has created and professing their own moral principles that categorically attributed to "every normal person on the planet." She took it upon themselves to monitor every nook and cranny of the world, and one way or another to punish "nepodchinivshihsya."

My favorite method of "Greenpeace" to spread "green" morality is to show the oppressor, pressing on the brain with a typical three-minute video visuals: Smoke from factory pipes — killing seals with sticks — a rotting skeleton of a whale — a colorful yacht "Greenpeace" — a duck's oil — deforestation . How are these clips — known. The infamous case of the early '80s: a Danish journalist Leif Blodel proved that during the filming of the next movie grinpisovtsy intentionally paid an Australian kangaroo hunters for the torture and killing of animals for the cameras. Everyone knows that "green" fall into ecstasy at the sight of felled forests. Against this, they are long — up to a wild scandal! — Struggled original way: stuck in the trees are small peaks that are stabbed into the bodies of the workers. It is this "famous" ekoorganizatsii co-founder of "Earth — the first" Michael Rouzell, subsequently warmed by the "Greenpeace".

Often being the conductor of the interests of special services, "Greenpeace" dictating its terms to governments of sovereign states, leading an undeclared war with thousands of companies, enterprises and companies around the world. As a result, "Greenpeace" is a great cover for intelligence and sabotage activities to suppress the towering competitors to interfere in the internal affairs of sovereign states.

"Greenpeace" is not interested in, for example, a pesticide Russian fields. To put it mildly, selectivity most clearly manifested in the recent bombing of Serbia with depleted uranium shells fillers and graphite bombs, and even earlier — during this environmental disaster that led the U.S. bombing of Iraq's oil facilities. In both of these cases grinpisovtsy not to move a finger to influence the United States and Europe. But not drag them forcibly from Russian nuclear facilities, chemical plants, machinery plants and mines. Numerous references, statistics, measurement — a convenient way to collect data on the impunity of secret facilities under the guise of peaceful environmentalists. But the focus of activists "Greenpeace" has always been given to people, military experts, journalists — all those who may have access to state secrets. By the way, recently completed trial of a military journalist — he was not jailed for spying because they could not prove malice of transmission of classified information to foreign media about our military installations under the guise of environmental measurements. Of course, its most actively defended both recent and "Greenpeace". Without going further into this procedure complicated case, we give a typical example of such protection. The journalist was accused, among other things, the transfer schemes of the Russian coastal base. So, the "environmentalists" to justify the journalist as saying that even "in 1995 in a public report," Greenpeace "was the most detailed and meticulous manner described in this base." In other words, the journalist is in no way led espionage activities against Russia, because long before all the "cream shoot", "Greenpeace"!

WHAT are the specific objectives declared "Greenpeace"? and how he achieves them? The very "Greenpeace" puts four areas of its work. This "campaign on biodiversity — the fight against the destruction of forests, barbaric fishing and hunting whales for the preservation and creation of new protected areas." This is a "Campaign for the Protection of the atmosphere — for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and stop the use of ozone-depleting substances." This is a "Campaign for Toxic Substances — for the prohibition of dangerous technologies and pollution silnoyadovitymi substances." This, finally, the "anti-nuclear campaign — for the reduction of nuclear arsenals, the nuclear test ban, the phasing out of nuclear power."

Already themselves are officially claimed goals are ambiguous. How, for example, non-governmental and "independent from anyone in the world" ecological society is going to contribute to "the reduction of nuclear arsenals," the problem that has long gone beyond the discussion of "the social level", becoming the property of the military think-tanks and the subject of public will?

However, the declared purpose, you can still take a very noble thoughts, who are for the preservation of the planet in the original purity. (Let's leave out of the equation here such a delicate moment: to seek the welfare of the environment has always been easier for the "hyped" companies with huge capital, most of which was earned 20-30 years ago just by merciless destruction of nature. Certainly, it is among them always are the most notorious "fighters for the beauty of the Earth.")

Let us return to the actual "key areas". As a "Greenpeace" is fighting for biodiversity? Simple: through pressure on the public sector and local public opinion ruining "sinned" and the company puts out all their workers, without offering anything in return. It happens to everyone, whether Norwegian whalers or Canadian lumberjacks. On the ruin of entire villages Norwegian whalers, where whole family dynasties for centuries engaged in a brave deed, whaling, known around the world. "Greenpeace" little interest in the fact that the whalers from year to year — up to a total ban — follow the officially sanctioned by the Norwegian authorities quota, which does not exceed 0.04% of the total number of whales in the Atlantic and the Southern Hemisphere!

Do not hesitate to "Greenpeace" and the war against individuals. Egregious case, bypassed all the world's press: the insistence of "environmentalists" in 1986 from the University of Florida was dismissed Professor Richard Lambertsen — "for research requiring tissue fragments of the whale," which, according to experts from the "Greenpeace", were "not scientifically justified. " The fact that the studies professor focused on the identification of whale diseases, could not stop the show: looked so colorful flying in the sky above the slogans filled football stadiums, "University of Florida! Stop killing whales! "These" techniques ", of course, used" Greenpeace ", not only in America, and not only against the biologists. Individual is noteworthy entire combinations that "Greenpeace" was playing to get things done.

One of these classical schemes has been described in the magazine "Forbes". Its essence is as follows. There is a well-recognized International Whale Commission, founded in 1946, the countries in which whaling is conducted mainly by Japan, Iceland, Norway and the USSR. The purpose of it was — sort hunt to avoid irreparable consequences. The participating countries were paid annually about 25 thousand dollars and held regular assemblies. All was going well until this matter is not interfered grinpisovtsy. Taking advantage of the fact that a member of the Commission could be any state they have achieved membership in a state-type dwarfs Antigua, Panama and St. Lucia. And since these countries whales spawn nobody saw representatives of these states in the commission were "eminent international experts." Needless to say, those that are surprisingly … grinpisovtsy. Only from 1978 to 1982, the commission has increased six new members — is it possible to end three-fourths vote to introduce from 1982 a full international moratorium on commercial whaling. In addition, according to "Forbes" magazine, this scheme has brought millions of dollars of scams, including somehow increased to $ 150,000 annual contribution.

However, in this "general direction" Russia does not lose a lot more in the whaling industry, as in the logging industry. One of the recent scandals broke out in this area around the forests of Karelia. Here "Greenpeace" broke in earnest: for his direct involvement in the republic in recent years created Kalevala Vodlozersky and national parks, where exactly in the existing timber industry, to harvest timber for export. Result: the workers were left without means of livelihood, the state has lost part of its profits from the failed export. Among other explanations, "Greenpeace" and it was just a Jesuit: it appears that the export of timber did not go to the benefit of Karelia, as it idled due to local processing plants!

NOW HOW "Greenpeace" is fighting against greenhouse gases and toxic substances. Here the philosophy "Greenpeace" is the same: the pollution — it's not a disease, not costs, and sin, and should not be treated without tax, and stamp out — even if it will lead to the closure of the entire industry. Let us remember what a big job in the fight against spilled freon refrigerators, declared the main destroyers of the ozone layer of the Earth. Today it is no secret that this campaign has been initiated … one major West European manufacturer of household appliances, which is going to produce CFC-free refrigerators, suddenly found that its products are not competitive. Along the way, it turned out that one volcanic eruption emits amosferu Freon more than was produced by all mankind, and that the Antarctic ozone hole does not depend on the human factor. And how magical voice sounded "scientific experts" and "prominent environmentalists," accused of all mortal sins, "the plague of the twentieth century" freon "criminal factory" in its use!

At the present day, the main enemy of "best environmentalists around the world" — products made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride). The European PVC hysteria has reached such a level that in the middle of this year in Denmark and the Netherlands Government advised its citizens to refrain from buying toys from plasticized PVC, as they emit "deadly" phthalates. Under pressure from the "Greenpeace", reaching the open blackmail, a number of toy manufacturers were forced to remove their products from the market. This entire campaign was based on grinpisovskih tests such toys on their findings that the alleged phthalates cause liver cancer and genital mutilation.

This is — a clear misrepresentation of the facts. In fact, phthalates dangerous — a long and large doses. But the real consumption phthalates almost 1400 times lower than the level at which the test rats have not observed adverse effects. Last occurs when the rats were given a dose equivalent to 500 grams per day for an adult human? A pound of phthalates for breakfast — it's just not possible. This level of security allows you to do exactly PVC packaging for donated blood and plasma. Few materials suitable for this world.

However, in September, before the peak Christmas sales, "Greenpeace" led a new attack on the European manufacturers of PVC toys. Interestingly, in the same months from the shelves of Belgium have been removed rubber toys that contained in huge concentrations of carcinogenic nitrosamines present, but that "Greenpeace" did not utter a single word: it is only interested PVC.

Why? The goal is clear: "Greenpeace" called for the ban on the use of chlorine in the Western European industry, a third of which goes to the production of PVC. For what? Obviously, for the remaining two-thirds are of strategic importance to the economy and military affairs of any serious state, not skupyaschegosya to prepay custom "environmental campaign" against competitors.

Perhaps the main conditions in the Russian direction of foreign "environmentalists" led by "Greenpeace" — their so-called "anti-nuclear campaign." On the "madness", "crime" and "an absolute failure" sales of our technology in the field of peaceful nuclear Iran has already been written and said so much that the only deaf-blind can not see all these maxims breath America, which endeavor to take over the entire world market for nuclear technologies and which, by the way, has sold an order of magnitude more dangerous nuclear power plant technology is not anyone, and North Korea. Neither the U.S. nor the European energy corporations do not need a strong competitor in the face of Russian nuclear power plant manufacturer, who, taking third place in the world ranking security at the expense of cheapness can break all sales records. Therefore it is necessary again and again to convince the whole world, and the Russian government in the first place, that the Russian atom allegedly dangerous than the "Greenpeace" is very active and involved.

For this reason, more and more attention of "green" focused on the already built or under construction by Russian nuclear power plants (not to Chernobyl, we note! Then, following his own philosophy, "Greenpeace" do not "catch" and to eliminate the impact prefers not to spend money). Especially active "environmentalists" erected around the Kostroma and Rostov nuclear power plant. The main objective — to prove their rejection on the part of citizens. This is best suited protest "of Russian society." This is exactly what is spent is an unimaginable number of grants, awards and loans, which in the "decent" environmental organization takes up a quarter of the budget.

One of these — the American Ecological Society under the unique "green" title "Nuclear Information and Resource USA» (NIRS) — back in 1997 established a grant from 500 to 2000 dollars — for all "suffer persecution" of environmental organizations. To get a grant, you need to send a letter to the NIRS with help of the organization and with the description of planned environmental projects. 75% of the money is transferred immediately. You can anonymously without addressee. The remaining 25% will be given when the project will be confirmed in the local press. The catch, however, is that these grants are relying only for anti-nuclear program only conducted in the form of "active" actions such as pickets and road closures, and only on the territory of Eastern Europe and the CIS. This can only mean one thing: the protest action "conservationists" around the Russian nuclear power plants do not just benefit the West — they are directly and openly paid U.S. nuclear organizations.

Those interested halyavki were found immediately. Among the names that at the hearing — the famous Russian ekoorganizatsiya "Rainbow Warriors", three of whose members fall of 1997 a month lived in front of the Administration of Rostov region in a tent, cluttered with placards: "No nuclear power station!" And then blocked the road to nuclear power plants, chaining themselves in handcuffs.

The fashion for such a "joke" from the arsenal of flagellant especially taken root among the domestic "green", although sometimes it turns downright ugly incidents. Not so long ago, fifteen people from Ecogroups "Atshi" blocked the street in Sochi, of course, with the use of handcuffs. They stopped all the cars except the truck, which denied the handbrake. As a result, a young activist shot off the hand. As long as the truck rolls back and pererubali chain, took too much time. Only then came out of the crowd of onlookers who recognizes that the key to the handcuffs all the time he had in his pocket. It turns out that "good manners" among environmental organizations considered under any circumstances, stop action, keeper of the same keys should not open itself even in case of emergency, "readiness" green "to sacrifice all to see."

Thousands of examples of abominations, squabbles, fraud, blackmail and espionage led to the fact that the opponents of the "green" all over the world there are really no less than their myopic supporters. At the same time funny and sad to remember about how in the old days, Western politicians, businessmen and reporters saw in the hated grinpisovskih endeavors "intrigues of the Kremlin." So, in the same "Forbes" of 1991 noted with concern that the idea of "Greenpeace" "moth both Marxism and anarchism romanticism", but the organization itself is almost a branch of the KGB. Just as explained quite acceptable for Western politicians and economists grinpisovtsev findings that a "purely ecological point of view, the command economies of Eastern Europe is very different, though the better, from the west of" wild capitalism ".

However, sometimes paranoid Western sovietologists been right. Thus, the sensational at the time the idea of the threat of the "nuclear winter" after World War II, which frightened the children in the schools and for which tightly grasped "Greenpeace" was from the beginning to the end of the Soviet KGB invented and planted the Western "environmentalists" to those rastrezvonili about this horror to the world.

Today, watching all the increasing attention of Western "green," and above all "Greenpeace" to the Russian military space forces to our nuclear weapons, the latest competitive sectors of our industry, you realize that the KGB has long occupied a place of their more fortunate western " colleagues ". And against Russia for seven years had another enemy.

Denis Tukmakov. The newspaper "Tomorrow», № 40 (305), 1999.

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