In reproducers Savino (Novgorod region). Opened a new calf shed

December 1 in the village of Savino was inaugurated calf house on 100 goals. There will apply new technology calves.

Opening of the calf house, a landmark event for the AIC Novgorod region. Young animals intended for dairy herd replacement, and high yielding breeds golshtinofrizskoy, which will receive a yield of more than 10 million kg of milk per cow per year.

JSC "Savino" is reproducers breeding cattle. 3 years ago on livestock farms JSC "Savino" were used for the production of livestock products the old premises. In recent years, the course is taken for the reconstruction and modernization of livestock buildings.

Reconstruction of the calf house held at their own expense of $ 4 million. In a few months in the home changed overlap yard, repaired the roof, doors, floors, windows replaced. With the new method, the content of young weights up to 700 grams a day.

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