In Rio, will be a new "green" stadium

In Rio, will be a new "green" stadium Facts

There are reports that the company presented Fernandes Arquitetos Associados stadium project for the finals of the World Cup in Rio de Janeiro in 2014. Feature of the project will be that will be used when using the maximum amount of recycled materials and environmental technologies, and the developers have tried to keep the spirit of the legendary stadium "Marakana". The same stadium will be used at football matches of FIFA in 2013, and later at the Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2016.

In the first place, will be changed roof stadium. It will gain more levels to more cameras and projectors were able to accommodate her. Bright outer coating can reflect excessive sunlight during the day, preventing excessive heating of the stands and the field. Special transparent areas on the roof will be the source of natural light, reducing the need for electricity until sunset.

The stands will be closer to the sports ground, there will be new lodge, cabins, rooms and dressing rooms for the athletes to make it as comfortable as possible to organize large-scale events. But no one is going to engage in radical demolition of the old stadium. And this in turn is a unique solution because it saves a huge amount and saves the environment because it does not require a new building, which, according to most architects, much less environmentally friendly and ergonomically. After all, according to the calculations of designers, the stadium, built from scratch, you will need 10 to 80 years to work out the ecological damage that will bring its building. Even if its power consumption after commissioning will be 30% more efficient than the old building.

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