In Rodionovo-Nesvetaiskaya district of Rostov region opened a new kindergarten

April 8 — the first day of a new kindergarten in Rodionovo-Nesvetaiskaya area. In groups, new furniture, and equipped with modern facilities catering department. As a local authority says it’s not the last preschool in the area. Last kindergarten Rodionovo-Nesvetaiskaya area was built 33 years ago.

"Forget-me-not" built in nine months. And now the kids to learn a new area of interest. Each group has its own colors — blue, beige, salad. Kindergarten 80 seats, according to the district notions solid figure.

Sadiq had cost 63 million rubles. 8.5 million — money the district, and everything else — means the area. Without this help we would not have done. Thank you and the contractor, "- said the head of the administration of the district Rodionovo-Nesvetaiskaya Andrew Kuchma.
Of all children aged 3 to 7 years from the discovery of the "me-nots" liquidated. Particularly happy parents. Children should have the same conditions regardless of where they live — in the city or the village, according to the district administration. By the way, just in the last year have repaired two kindergarten, made a major overhaul of high school and five rural culture. Very soon, promise in the administration, will begin to build such a garden in the village of generals’.

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