In rolling out the U.S. documentary about happy people in the Siberian taiga

Last week at the U.S. box office released a documentary film by Dmitry Vasjukova and Werner Herzog — "Happy people: a year in the forest." The film shows the great beauty and splendor of the harsh Siberian nature and life of hunters and fishermen living in the Yenisei River.

"Happy people — the name without any hidden meaning, without Aesopian language, without any interpretation. Just like that — happy people. Because they are really happy. I never thought it would ever be, so can feel and live people in our country, "- says the director of the film" Happy People "Dmitry Vasiukov.


In the international version of the movie "Happy People" redubbed (voice-over reads Werner Herzog), changed the music, and most importantly — reduced the duration of the film, to make it easier to perceive. In the 90-minute version of village life "is derived out of the brackets" and all the attention paid to people’s lives in the forest.

Full Russian version of the film. 2008.

Happy people. Autumn.

Happy people. Winter.

Happy people. Spring.

Happy people. Summer.

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