In Rosenergoatom adopted a program of social support for young workers

General director Evgeny Romanov signed a new program of social support for young workers REA

This is not the first program to help young people and the establishment of the station. Such programs are typeset and signed at the headquarters, usually every five years. What’s new in the next program?

First, the final interpretation of the data, who is a young professional. According to the Concern is a graduate under the age of 36 years, who came on production immediately after the end of the profile of the university. But the status of young professionals retained by the employee in the event of such a transfer to another nuclear power plant Russia.  

Second, clearly marked on the kind of assistance can expect young people in employment on Russian nuclear power plants. First of all, this is the material support — young nuclear scientists when applying for a job paying a lump sum of up to 50,000 rubles.

The Company also made a commitment to help young people in solving the housing problem. This concerns, first of all, those who come to nuclear power stations from other cities. To the extent possible, the stations provide a temporary office accommodation or other cities for young professionals. In addition, provide for the granting of preferential conditions in the case of home mortgages.

There is a line in the new program dedicated to supporting young families. This material aid to those who already have kids. Nuclear power plants offset some of the costs for young families to support children in preschool. Plus the provision of material assistance for child birth.

Do not forget the young nuclear scientists who had to say goodbye to the year with work to perform military duty. For the return of the army of young professionals not only arranged for her job, but also rewarded allowance of up to 50,000 rubles.

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