In Rostov-on-Don, created a device for stimulating the brain, which helps to fight depression

The unit to operate the stimulation of the brain, which allows to treat depression and a number of mental illnesses, scientists have invented Neurocybernetics Institute of Southern Federal University, told RIA Novosti the head of the laboratory of cognitive neuroscience and biomedical institute Dmitry Medvedev.


According to him, the device allows you to control the stimulation of different areas of the brain using a magnetic field and other effects.

"He still does not called and it looks like little gray box with LEDs. It is built between the standard EEG devices and magnetic stimulator and is designed to manage physical therapy stimulation. This stimulation may be different areas of the brain using magnetic field in the cortical and if this specialized powerful devices it and subcortical regions. For the treatment of various diseases, in particular depression, Parkinson’s disease, migraine"- Said Medvedev.

He added that with the new device can achieve the best results in the treatment of psychological and psychosomatic diseases. (Video under the cut)

"It is assumed that the different frequency stimulation leads to the improvement of such patients. The device runs on bio-stimulation of the feedback, that is, it adjusts the stimulation of the rhythms of the brain of the patient. For an individual approach to each person will be enhanced. This is evident by preliminary experiments and experiments, "- He added.

According to him, the development of the instrument was carried out over 15 years. There is only one analog device, which was created in Finland, but it is for research, not for treatment.

"The Finns is a large and complex set. Their instrument is translated into rubles worth about 40 million. We have at least 40 times cheaper to get"- Said Medvedev.

The scientist noted that, in spite of a working prototype of the device, its development is ongoing, and it is difficult to say when the serial production.

"To this device could be widely used in medicine, it must pass the test. To do this, you need to obtain permission to work with people. What is happening now in our country, is called "experiments involving human subjects." We’re experimenting on himself and volunteers. And, no matter how bright the results we got medicine for it does not mean anything. We need a medical authorization"- Said the source.

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