In Rostov-on-Don, opened a modern perinatal center


In Rostov-on-Don prepare a demographic boom. There opened a modern perinatal center, equipped with the latest medical technology. Now, even in infants weighing just a pound there is every chance not only to survive but also to grow up healthy.

Its construction took more than two years and more than two billion rubles — half from the federal and regional budgets. The region — one of the leaders in the number of births — opened center where everything is collected for the delivery to make happy, whatever the threat originated neither the mother or the unborn child.

And in the clinic reception is in full swing. Ultrasound machines of high-class expertise in the early pregnancy Rokach allow doctors to detect possible fetal abnormalities in the early stages of pregnancy. 11-12 weeks — the one time when you can get as much information about the future of the child.

In order to keep the monitor monitoring of the mother and the fetus has all the modern equipment — Anesthesia, laparoskopichkeskaya, X-ray, emergency. High technology will foster premature infants with extremely low birth weight — 500 grams.

Physicians say the conditions are as close to the fetal. When there will be the first patients, a bright light will not be only a point. Sterile air flow, temperature and specific humidity. I can not hear the equipment. One of the main requirements for medical staff — speak softly.

Already operating in the country perinatal centers are saving about 650 children under one year. The creation of centers like Rostov, will annually save thousands of lives of about 1.5 Russians. And they grow up healthy.

The photo — former patients of Dr. Bushtyreva, once they are born prematurely. Previously, says chief doctor, saving them in a small office, doctors can now solve grand challenges.

Behind specialists who came to work in the center — a great experience. And that, as they say here — its main wealth.

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