In Rostov-on-Don, opened the Academy of Biology and Biotechnology

In Rostov-on-Don, opened the Academy of biology and biotechnology. The ceremony took place on February 8 at the Institute of Biology of the Southern Federal University.

"The Academy will prepare the staff for biotechnology, to provide research and development. In biotechnology have the feature — at the very beginning is a very costly venture, but after 5 years — 10 is a cost-effective," — explained the director of the Academy of Biology and Biotechnology Tatiana Shkurat.

There are 500 people working, 30 of them — a doctorate.

Some scientists have come to the academy has with its developments. For example, the invented microbiological agent which enables a month bread or vegetables stored so that they do not deteriorate and lose their nutrients.

"There will be executed work associated with the processing of agricultural raw materials. We have a lot of rice husk, onion, and this is not just a waste — they can be turned into income," — said a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Vladimir Minkin.

With the Vietnamese Institute of Rice Rostov Academy decided to create genetically modified rice. Its director Tatiana Shkurat noted that this figure can be stored for a long time without the use of any herbicides.

Only regret academics, way too long to go through all the wonderful developments. From the lab bench to consumers innovation go for decades.

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