In Rostov preparing to celebrate the 66th anniversary of the liberation of the city Liberators of Rostov-on-Don on February 14, the day of roads as anyone. This is the day when the capital of the Don were defeated enemy troops. Veterans — liberators of Rostov — the first heroes of this holiday. In 1941, Peter Stefanovich Nikitin was not yet 18 years old. To get to the front, he arrived in Rostov-on military training. Do not have time in a month the Nazis came to town. The first place of service — cavalry squadron at the headquarters of North Caucasus Military District. At its Poole was the name of a favorite horse, were transported through the Rostov and surrounding postal dispatches and orders. [Cut] "We were in such a position that you ride with a report that he had received in the North Caucasus Military District headquarters, and listen, because the German air force was rampant in the 1941 special. Planes were chasing us. Perepal As I got three times," — says veteran World War II Peter Nikitin. After the first release of Rostov, the war has thrown the lieutenant Stalingrad. Then he was taken prisoner, escape, Allied troops. So the second time in his native city has freed the other heroes. On a cold February 1943, was a collection of "There was a war." One of its authors — Nikolai Morgounov. In 17 years, he has commanded a mortar Division 902 Infantry Regiment. Together with other fighters crept into the besieged Rostov on the Don riddled with ice. "The problem was this — to cover Madoyan detachment from the south-west. On this side of the cover, so there is not a German leaked. And here we are in for a few days combing the streets and those to the west and to the north and south. Because only you will pass in one direction, they shoot another, "- says a veteran of the Great Patriotic Nicholas Morgounov. What followed was a breakthrough Mius-Front, wound on the Dnieper. The award for the liberation of Rostov Nikolai did not get, is proud of Medal of Honor. February 14, 1943 fourth German invaders were driven out of the capital of the Don forever. And the memory of all the liberated city of Rostov was the awarding of the title of City of Military Glory.

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