In Russia, 98 percent of domestic production of juices

The Russian juice market in recent years has demonstrated a tendency to active growth. Gradually, the shelves of our stores filled with products of local manufacturers instead of well-known foreign companies.

We are used to their more natural juices, and with good reason. So progress is being made, and you can count on small concessions on the part of manufacturers to price. The fight for customers is long and in all directions at once.

In 1990, imported products occupied 95 percent of the Russian market. Now the situation is opposite. According to the Russian Union of Juice, results in 2011 showed that 98 percent of juices that are sold in our country, have an internal origin. This is good news — there is the advancement of domestic manufacturers, and the quality of juices from natural products better. Accordingly, the increased consumption of the product and per capita income. However, this is a very positive trend — In 2000, representatives of the Russian Federation consumed an average of five liters of juice per year, 11 years later, this figure rose to 20 liters. Not the last role was played by the promotion of healthy lifestyles and creativity of advertising approaches, but the results in any case at hand the producers.

Marketing Director "Multon" said Pierre Filipenko Bigness. ru, the players in this segment, it is important to always fight for the available positions in the market and to meet the demand. "A possible expansion of production is directly related to the growth of the population’s solvency. This does not always depend on us, but we try to focus on the fact that the consumption of juice — an important factor in maintaining health. Possible way to lead a healthy lifestyle. Lot of people are concerned about this, and in those countries where the government was engaged in a program, the consumption increased significantly. I very much hope that the promotion of a healthy lifestyle will be a priority of the Russian state in the coming decades, "- said Pierre to our correspondent.

In 2011, the leaders of the Russian market of steel "Moulton", "Lebedyanskiy" and "Wimm-Bill-Dann". Something with which these vendors go out to the consumers, speaks for itself — the types of products remain unchanged, as the tastes of the Russians. Most are in demand in Russia nectars (66.1 percent), juices (26.8 percent), juice drinks (5.2 percent) and fruit drinks (1.9 percent). In this past year, yet showed that the production of private label products is popular in the market because the low-price segment was able to maintain its share.

Vice president of strategic development of Volgograd Irina Samokhina "Gardens Pridonya" said, that by the end of the year the company has achieved good performance. She noted that "the growth of production and sales in the juice category made up about 13 per cent growth in baby food about 11 percent. Company occupies third place in the category of" juice "after Pepsico Holding and two companies of the Coca Cola Group, while remaining independent Russian company that provides its own development without the involvement of third-party investment.’s market share in 2011, according to various estimates, amounted to 11.9 per cent in the juice category and 28-30 per cent in the category of "children’s juices." Sales growth increased by 17 percent compared to 2010, amounting to about eight billion rubles.

The company’s plans for 2012 for the production and sale of finished products tough and ambitious. Growth objectives are contrary to the stagnation of the market. Already outlined plans for equipment, rehabilitation of old bottling lines, adding new ones. In addition, the decision to build a new plant for the production of healthy food products, the total area of five thousand square meters. The new facility will be built in the village gardens Pridonya Gorodishchenskoye region Volgograd region — in the immediate vicinity of the complex processing of fruits and its own resource base. "

Thus, Russian companies themselves point to the need for self increase in production and further development of the distribution of the finished products. In recent years, more and more weight gain of modern trade channels (self-service), make up more than 60 percent of the market. With an interest of the producers themselves will soon be looking to expand the assortment in stores, as the taste preferences of Russians are more diverse than in the same West, where the lion’s share of the market occupied by the manufacturers apelstnovogo juice. In Russia, at least, has always been a better choice with your favorite beverage. Let us hope that the quality does not disappoint.


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