In Russia, a method wave of his hand to control the computer

Program, permitting the entry of information by detecting the movement of the hand man, has developed a student at the Faculty of Computer Science Voronezh State University Ruslan Kharisov. This technology is supposed to be used to improve security in the use of bank cards, as well as for the development of diagnostic methods for the detection and study of human diseases associated with dysmotility.

We are using thermal imaging cameras. In operation, a narrow infrared possible to detect the arm in any conditions, and furthermore, create a three-dimensional representation of the human hand.

As part of the project Ruslan Kharisov created a program in C + +, which captures an image of the operator’s hand with a web-camera, processes it, and allows you to return the token. Thus, it was possible to create an intuitive interface data input into a computer.

Currently these systems are being developed, in particular by Microsoft, a partner of VSU, but so far their field of application is limited only by the entertainment industry.

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