In Russia, a new helicopter

The second prototype of the new Mi-38 OP-2 production Moscow (MHF) and Kazan (LSC) helicopter plants belonging to the Russian Helicopters holding company, made its first flight. Developed tests, according to experts LSC, are successful: the helicopter has already performed 26 land races and 7 flights hovering and low-speed movement of the runway.

The test machine is structurally refined to meet the test results of the first prototype of the Mi-38 OP-1. Improved hydraulic and fuel systems, changes in the design of the rotor blades. In the control helicopter mounted spring-loading mechanisms of the type design. As a result the car as close as possible to the requirements of the Russian airworthiness regulations AP-29, an analogue of foreign norms FAR-29, improved its handling and stability. The helicopter is equipped turboshaft engines PW 127/TS, and a modern avionics IBKV-38, which implements the principle of "glass cockpit." The helicopter can also be equipped with Russian TV7-117V. Mi-38 OP-2 is planned to transfer the cost center for the complete cycle of flight tests.

Moscow Helicopter Plant. ML Mile plans to demonstrate the Mi-38 OP-2 in 2011 and the launch of a helicopter into production at the Kazan Helicopter Plant is planned in 2013 a third prototype of the Mi-38 is in the assembly shop LSC.

Average passenger transport helicopter Mi-38 is designed to carry passengers (including VIP transport), transport of cargo inside the cabin and externally, search and rescue, air support offshore development, and can be equipped as a flying hospital. According to the plans of developers, the Mi-38 should have a higher load capacity, to develop a high speed. The Mi-38 is created with ample cargo-passenger cabin and highly efficient engines. The specific complexity of service may be reduced by the built-in automated health check avionics and engines.

Mi-38 — the new generation helicopter, which can provide the highest level of safety and comfort standards for helicopters in its class.

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