In Russia, a new rocket engine

NPO "Energomash" offers its rocket engine design for use in the boosters light class "Soyuz-2.1V", the head of the enterprise — executive director of the NGO "Energomash" Vladimir sun.

  • in the photo test of RD-180

"At first light" Soyuz-2.1V "was created on the basis of NK-33, in which the Soviet-era created reserve — a certain number of motors is stored in the warehouse. Tests of the first rocket is planned for these engines, but now there is a discussion of whether or not to restore the production of these engines.

  In my understanding, is not quite sensible solution would be to restore the production of these engines, because we have created a modern analogue of the RD-193, which is higher than on the characteristics of NK-33. Moreover, we have already adjusted production prototype of the engine, created on the basis of the engine for the "Angara" RD-191 ", — said V.Solntsev.

According to him, the NGO "Energomash" issued preliminary design modifications to the engine for the "Soyuz-2.1V", held five fire tests of the prototype.

"Progress Samara Space Center" is considering this engine for the future, ie when it will be fully depleted reserve engines NK-33. We are ready to supply the engine, "- said V.Solntsev.

The new engine RD-193 is smaller in height by 760 mm and about 300 pounds lighter than the RD-191
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