In Russia, a new shock-reconnaissance vehicle

"Rosoboronexport" is promoting to the world market a new shock-reconnaissance vehicle "URA" type buggy. A working prototype of the car is presented at the 2nd International Forum "Engineering Technologies — 2012", which today began its work in the Transport Exhibition Complex "Russia" in Zhukovsky near Moscow.

"Today we are marketing the machine in areas where traditionally strong position of" Rosoboronexport "- the Middle East, North Africa, Southeast Asia, Latin America. Machine is offered to potential customers in a variety of versions, including the impact anti-missile system" Cornet "set on the roof of the car" — said korr.ARMS-TASS Deputy General Director of "Rosoboronexport" Oleg Sevastiyanov. "Creating such a machine eliminates the lag in Russian multi-speed military vehicles in use today in the armies of many countries to conduct intelligence activities , he said. According to the director of "Moose" from Togliatti, which established the "URA" Anatoly Ohrimets, triple buggy with car-like driving characteristics and enhanced by increased moves suspension can be used as reconnaissance and sabotage car, allowing you to quickly and quietly move cross and mountainous terrain for combat missions. car can be an effective means to ensure the patrol and protect the southern borders of Russia, and coastal zones. Currently completed sea trials of the prototype machine. Is a positive opinion from the command of the Airborne Troops, in which the car was test and received high praise. "Cars can be equipped with an automatic transmission, light and heavy automatic weapons, anti-tank means of destruction, as well as intelligence and guidance," — he added. "Our company is ready for series production vehicles" URA "if between "Rosoboronexport" will go to the order of their production, "said A.Ohrimets. Mass of the vehicle in running order 650 kg payload capacity — 350 kg, fuel tank — 30 liters.

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