In Russia, a new strategic cruise missile

The Russian army in 2012 will fundamentally new models of weapons and military equipment, including a new strategic cruise missile

"With regard to aircraft armament, that is a new missile. The first two launches were very successful. In August, we’ll shoot twice and take into service, "- said the first deputy defense minister Alexander Sukhorukov.

He said that it is a strategic cruise missile.

A.Suhorukov reported that Russia has been actively working on hypersonic topics.

"In HYPERSOUND preliminary tests will be later this year", — said A.Suhorukov.

A.Suhorukov also said that the completed test missiles "Movement" and "Onyx", which will go into service of the Navy.

In addition, in 2012 the Russian Air Force will receive a multi-purpose Su-35 and Su-30, as well as helicopters families "Mi" and "Ka".

A.Suhorukov also said that in the final stage of testing before taking into service of anti-aircraft missile system "Tor-2M" and "Buk-2M". Also completed the test multiple launch rocket systems "Tornado-M" with a new extended-range projectile and improved accuracy.

According to him, for tactical missile complexes "Iskander" mass-produced cruise missiles.

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