In Russia are SUVs on crawlers for private use

Russian creators cars on tracks for private trips are trying to launch their SUVs into production. Maybe soon they will … not on the roads.

Drive down this road — where even the devil did not make the way — it is always preferable to the caterpillars. Any tire on the cross can not be compared with caterpillars. For wheels need at least bad, but expensive. Machine is on tracks produced primarily for military purposes, in the best case — to the aid of the pioneers — the oil-and gas workers.

Entrepreneurs and owners of "A-those" from Moscow brothers Gregory and Edward Gerashchenko invented lightweight all-terrain vehicle for off-road use — forests, bushes, thickets of reeds in the marsh, sand, winter — through the snow and ice. In short, where the terrain and the machines do not appear to be.

Gerashchenko met him on the bike scheme, only the crawler. Used a standard tank of 13 liters of fuel for four-stroke production engine of 125 cc capacity with 8-12 hp, adding to its automatic dresser of the working mixture, ensuring speed to 45 km / h Other parts and units had to invent. For example, the telescopic front fork with 140 mm stroke, oval front caterpillar performed polyurethane, divided into segments for better adhesion to the soil. The rear lugs supplied and lever-equalizer suspension. In winter, the front caterpillar may optionally be replaced by a snowmobile driven traditional ski and rear track — to extend to avoid sinking into the snow. Thanks to the aluminum alloys used in the construction, Gerashchenko brothers managed to limit cross-country vehicle weight up to 100 kg, while it can carry 140 kg (driver and luggage).


Gerashchenko brothers — members of several innovative exhibitions. When you run at least a small series of price of a motorcycle-ATV developers call price of about 8 thousand dollars, which is certainly not cheap, but not expensive "clever" of imported motorcycles.

And in Volga in Nizhny Novgorod on a young enterprise "Plant-terrain vehicles" begins production of SUVs "Uhtysh" with rubber tracks, riding on which is possible and on the asphalt. The car looks like inside the cabin and long-known "UAZ", only on tracks. But this is not UAZ. Of course, the machines used in the construction of the body and some of the Ulyanovsk units: petrol engine UMP-421, four-speed transmission, transfer case and final drive housing geared Ulyanovsk bridge. And then — his own ideas and the development of plant specialists.

As the rotary mechanisms applied friction clutches, which are multi-disc clutch. These novel mechanisms are not different, but the creators of "Uhtysha" have decided that the car should be as easy as possible, it is safer and cheaper. Friction clutches are controlled pneumatically to control where the cabin pressure gauge. Each track has 6 basic and 3 support rollers — aluminum with rubber tires. They are produced at the same factory. To improve the crawler in the construction and operation of the caterpillars‘ Uhtysha "used a lot of innovations developed in the laboratory of the plant (formerly organized with the Institute of Transport Engineering and Gorky Polytechnic Institute) and the related reduction of friction and wear and tear, as well as excluding the accretion of ice. For convenience, instead of a steering wheel in the cockpit of a small set of machine tool shturvalchik as the door of the "UAZ" because of the caterpillars had to trim the bottom. One of the advantages of "Uhtysha" — suspension without suffering pitching and good energy intensity differs. Machine weight with load — 2 tons, dimensions correspond to the common "UAZ".


It is expected that the "Uhtysh" will be at least two times cheaper "Beavers" (GAZ 3409). All-terrain vehicles at the plant promised to release the first crawler SUVs in February of this year.

In pictures — Motorcycle-ATV brothers Gerashchenko and tracked SUV "Uhtysh."

Author: Igor Boechin

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