In Russia began producing tiny size servers

Launched first in Russia and second in the world Commercial production of compact computers Plug-up to 100 million units per year. Developer — AK-Systems believes that in addition to the corporate use of the device will be used by home users.

The company AK-Systems launched the first in Russian mass production of miniature servers Class Plug («plug"), as the project manager told CNews Arkady Karzhitsky.
According to him, the production has been started in the last week in June 2011, and now the "plug" made in the AK-Systems for enterprise customers. According to the agreement with the supplier of ARM-processor Marvell, until the end of 2011 AK-Systems will be able to produce about 50 million computers, which roughly corresponds to the volume of 100 thousand units per year.

Karzhitsky says Plug-servers AK-Systems developed by your own design company. They are built around ARM-processor by Marvell processor with a clock frequency of 1 GHz, equipped with 512 MB or 1 GB of RAM and a solid state NAND-drive capacity of 512 MB, 1 GB and 4 GB. On computers pre-installed with Linux Ubuntu.

The sizes of "plug» — 11,8 x7, 6×4, 3 cm (just over charger for mobile phone). They are equipped with two Ethernet-ports, two USB 2.0 ports and supports both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Power consumption of the device — 15 watts.

As explained Karzhitsky, the price range for the device varies depending on the configuration, "plug" and their applications, and an average of $ 100-150.
"In the second iteration," which is expected in late August 2011, AK-Systems plans to build computers for the retail market. Negotiations on the sale of devices the company is a large federal retail chains whose names Karzhitsky asked not to publish until a final agreement with them.

The manufacturer believes that "plug" will find everyday use as Wi-Fi-routers and HTTP-accelerator, in which case it is possible their distribution through retail ISPs. Sales of "plug", "Household", which is expected in the AK-Systems — about 10 thousand units per quarter.

In addition to the access point, router may play a role in the home network backup server, print server and torrent machine. Among the producer said that the software for "home use" is currently being debugged.

Assembling the "plug" is derived AK-Systems for outsourcing. They were collected in three different assembly lines in Russia. The production cycle includes the installation of elements on the circuit board and direct the assembly of the product.

Cancellation of Chinese collectors, according Karzhitskogo occurred, in particular, for reasons of application of the "plug" in the telecommunications industry, which has a requirement for certification of equipment and its production in Russia.

Mass production of AK-Systems — the first in Russia and the world’s second case of the commercial production of Plug-computers. The pioneer in this segment was a provider Pogoplug, spreading "plug" as gateways to their "cloud" services.

It is known that the company Globalscale and Ionics also produce a device in the form factor, "plug", but they do not address the ordinary consumers and professional developers.

Arkady Karzhitsky indicates the presence of the agreements between the AK-Systems and the main operator "Synterra" (now owned "MegaFon") for the supply of "plug" as "active network probes" for the analysis of the quality control system network. In "Sinterra» CNews confirmed the existence of such arrangements.

IT Director "Synterra" Andrew Bugaenko told CNews, that "plug» AK-Systems met the requirements of the operator to the "active intellectual probe" in the price range of not more than $ 200. A separate advantage of the system during the tests noted the possibility of certification of the devices according to the requirements of special consumers. According to him, the first production batch of devices will be deployed before the end of July 2011

According to Arcadia Karzhitskogo, AK-Systems can achieve a similar agreement on the supply of "plug" with the Western European transmission system operators, whose name has not been disclosed.

It is known that belongs to "Russian Technologies" concern "Sirius" also plans to develop its own production of Plug-computers at the facilities of Penza radio factory.

General Director of "Sirius" Leonid Ukhlinov told CNews, the assembly "plug" in Penza had a tight schedule to meet the needs of a particular customer. Concern does not have time at the appointed time to complete the development of its own computers, turned to the AK-Systems with a request to use its design documentation.

After the postponement of the execution of the order need to rush disappeared, and "Sirius" again began to focus on its own development. Design project of their own Plug-computers "Sirius" will be ready by November 2011, and then will begin production in Penza, says Leonid Ukhlinov. However, he explains, it does not mean that his concern refuses to cooperate with AK-Systems.

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