In Russia began testing with the windows created in Tomsk coating

Russian scientists began testing windows for manned spacecraft of new generation. It is reported by "RIA Novosti".

"We will now begin the testing windows, glass for windows, which should be protected by coating, which makes the Institute of Strength Physics and Materials Science — shared zamgenkonstruktora RSC" Energia "Alexander Cherniavsky.

New windows will be protected from the (space — ed.) Debris. Now the ISS, and Russian and American segment is damaged by debris, and this can be a solution for protection. "

High-strength nano-coating technology for windows based on the work of academician Victor Panin.

"It is the formation of so-called smart coatings that are reshaping the structure, depending on the load, — said the director of the Institute of Strength Physics and Materials Science Sergey Psakhie. — They rebuilt during the shot, allowing you to absorb the energy."

Note that the RSC "Energia" completed the design prospective manned transportation system (PCA) — Russia’s new-generation spacecraft. The work ended in late 2012. The new spacecraft returned to replace the "Union" and make a qualitative leap in the development of Russian space exploration.

First mock PCA show at Air Show in Zhukovsky in August 2013. Flight tests will begin in 2017.

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