In Russia built a telescope with a diameter four thousand kilometers


In Russia built the "telescope" four thousand kilometers in diameter

16.12.03, the


A powerful tool for deep space exploration were Russian scientists with the completion of installation of radio astronomy complex "Quasar".

According to the website of "News" channel "Russia", the last of the three radio telescopes in the system was built in the Buryat village BODAR, near Lake Baikal. The two are exactly the same in the Leningrad Region and the North Caucasus.

It is assumed that the "Quasar" will work as one huge telescope, parts of which are thousands of miles apart. To this end, reports the publication, you need to multi-ton dish radio telescope rotated synchronously. "So it turns out the" telescope "in diameter 4,000 kilometers," — explained to journalists the head of Applied Astronomy of Russian Academy of Sciences Andrei Finkelstein.

According to the publication, in astronomical research center "Quasar" is much more effective than any individual radio telescope. If one radio telescope sees a distant galaxy as the spot — then three together even distinguish individual objects within it.

And on Earth, according to the "Messages", "Quasar" gives the most accurate system of coordinates. By tracking how the position of the telescope with respect to them, you can even watch the movement of the earth's crust. Because of this, scientists know, for example, that Japan is moving for the year by 7 inches.

Until now, such a set of radio astronomy had only the United States.


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