In Russia commissioned 210 productions for building materials

Since the beginning of 2011 introduced the 210 manufacturing facilities and production lines for the production of competitive materials, said the head of the Ministry of Regional Development Viktor Basargin on the Russian Investment and Construction Forum, which takes place in Moscow. In particular, the minister, introduced capacity to produce 232 million units. bricks a year, 87 million cubic meters of reinforced concrete, 556 thousand cubic meters. m non-metallic building materials, 100 thousand cubic meters. m insulation materials and others.

In general, production of building materials is steadily growing. During the 10 months of the year, production building blocks of cellular concrete has increased by 32%, ceramic tiles by 17%, 16% brick, cement, 12% of reinforced concrete structures by 11% to 44% of the parquet.

In 2011, the increase in the volume of construction work contributed to a significant increase in demand and, accordingly, issue: 55% cranes, elevators, 32% involved in the construction work of bulldozers 2.4 times, escalators at 82%, motor graders by 46%, production of cement mixers in the Lipetsk region increased by 37% and lifts in St. Petersburg and Omsk region by 47.3% and 90.3%, respectively, of bulldozers in the Chelyabinsk region — by 2.7 times, cranes in the Bryansk region — by 99%.

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