In Russia create superpodlodki

Submarines of the new generation are created in the Central Bureau for Marine Engineering "Rubin". This multi-purpose non-nuclear submarines with airindependent power plant. Told "RG" said General Director of "Rubin" Igor Villeneuve.

Scuba shipbuilding presented at the naval show "Euronaval 2012"Very broadly. Virtually all developers NNS provide potential customers installing air independent power systems. Problem is that they are very expensive to manufacture and operate, and besides, there is a single specimen. Therefore, buyers prefer conventional submarines" dizelyuhi. "

Meanwhile, the idea airindependent very attractive. It involves the use of non-rechargeable batteries, and some technologies to produce electricity in the process of underwater movement without including diesels. For example, the flow of active power by the generation of the synthesis of hydrogen and oxygen in special reactors. This is a complex process for which we must still carry a large inventory of hydrogen and pure oxygen.


The "Ruby" went the other way. It developed a totally unique technology for producing hydrogen directly from the diesel fuel by the so-called reformer. This allows you to not build a special hydrogen storage in the place of conventional submarines, and to use the infrastructure and those fuel reserves, which are used in diesel-electric submarines of classical settings. The process of developing the current is completely silent, which greatly increases the speed of the underwater stealth submarine. Also increased length of stay in the water. Energy capacity of our installation — 400 kW. The best foreign analogues give no more than 180 kW. The new air independent propulsion plant was mock-tests, which confirmed the faithful selected solutions.


The distinguishing feature of "Rubinovskii" submarine — organic synthesis of classical and revolutionary know-how. In addition airindependent power plant on it is customary diesel generator and a number of batteries. That is, the submarine can go under diesels on batteries and energy from airindependent installation.


If everything is normal, and the state order, the Russian submarines with non-nuclear power plant will come close in its combat and operational characteristics to underwater nuclear-powered ships, but they will simply be incomparably cheaper.


Of course, as a non-nuclear strategic missile submarines, even the new generation of problematic use. But they will be fine multipurpose hunters and protectors of sea areas of the country that will take them on board.


At the salon, "Euronaval 2012" shows the submarine project "Cupid." At the request of the customer, such boats can run in pure form and in the torpedo missile and torpedo.


Anti-ship missiles and rockets capable of hitting targets on the ground, placed in vertical shafts. The boat has its own system of air defense. It can be produced in a diesel-electric version, and can be equipped with airindependent power plant. According to specifications and terms of cost-price counterparts "Cupid" no. This best-in-class non-nuclear boats in the world.

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