In Russia created a fundamentally new protection for light armored vehicles

At the recent Bronnitsi show the newest vehicles for the Russian army were demonstrated variants of radical gain armor of light armored vehicles.

In particular, it shows the BTR-82A and MT-LB, whose protection has been strengthened bronekeramikoy. Thanks to its installation on these war machines, now Russian armored personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles and BMD can withstand bullets hit small caliber weapons up to 14.5 mm. As a result of Russian armored vehicles of the security meets the latest requirements.

It has been reported that are in the process of creating ceramic armor materials, which will also have the capability of "stealth".

These developments will certainly find application in advanced weapons, such as "Kurganets-25", "Boomerang", "Typhoon" and "Wolf"

A few years ago, justifying the purchases abroad, some officials blamed our industry is that its development lags behind foreign ones. Now overcome this gap, and domestic bronekeramika will demand not only in the Russian power structures, but also among foreign buyers of Russian weapons ..


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