In Russia created helicopters that can ensure the safety of the competition at the 2014 Olympics in Sochi

In Russia, the creation of new helicopters to ensure safety of the competition at the 2014 Olympics in Sochi. This conclusion was based on the results of participation helicopters Ka-226T and Ka-32A11VS in the teachings of the Russian Emergencies Ministry, which took place in November in Sochi in preparation for the 2014 Olympics, the press service of the holding company "Helicopters of Russia" (part of the UIC " defense industry ").



New medical evacuation, rescue and fire fighting Russian helicopters, manufactured by enterprises of JSC "Helicopters of Russia", can take part in the security event at the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi in 2014

According to the press service, during the exercise rescuers worked for action to prevent and eliminate the consequences of a hypothetical emergency situations of natural and man-made events during the Olympic sites.

A prototype of the new light multipurpose helicopter Ka-226T design firm "Kamov" (part of the JSC "Helicopters of Russia") was first activated for overflights and monitoring in the areas of teaching and by the river Mzimta Mamayskogo tunnel. With a special design and compact coaxial-rotor helicopter successfully landed on a limited area (about 20 sq. m.) Next to the road tunnel and evacuated conditional patient, delivered on a stretcher. The evacuation was carried out with no way to turn off the landing engines.

The absence of a tail rotor of the helicopter Ka-226T makes this model the most convenient and safe evacuation of people, especially for the victims, transported on a stretcher, and are not capable of independent movement, the source said. The evacuation conditionally patient was successful. The helicopter has shown himself well during training and are interested in their capabilities Russian Emergencies Ministry rescuers.



A new search-and-rescue helicopter Ka-32A11VS Russian Emergencies Ministry during the exercise hovering successfully carried out the operation to evacuate the wounded conditionally — according to legend, they came under the teachings of debris flows in the River Mzimta.

Russian helicopters MI-8/17, Ka-32A11VS involved in fire, medical evacuation and rescue operations, the Russian Emergencies Ministry, as well as in the construction of key infrastructure, sports facilities in Sochi and used during construction and installation works. Medium and heavy helicopters of Russian models are used in the construction of large structures, during the high-voltage lines, the installation of complex structures on the upper floors of high-rise buildings and in the highlands, was informed in the press service said.

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