In Russia created highly radio-masking coating

In Russia established high-wideband radio-masking coatings based on nanostructured films. Specialists of the St. Petersburg Research Institute of "Ferro-Domain" on the "Day of the innovation of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation" was demonstrated in particular, prototypes of radar absorbing coatings which have a uniform broadband absorption spectrum.

  • Photo ITAR-TASS/Fedoseev Lion

These coatings through the use of nano-structured film thickness of 4 microns provide a reduction in radar cross section of ground equipment in the radio and infrared wavelengths of 10.

The surface density of radar absorbing coating is 0.3 kg per square meter at a thickness of 2-3 mm. In this case, the material has a high mechanical strength and heat resistance as well as resistance to climatic influences and aggressive media.

The developed material can be applied to objects of naval equipment. Its use in the manufacture of, for example, surface ship superstructures will reduce telltale signs stealth ship and provide a wide range of frequencies.

Experts believe that the application of the new matter can significantly increase the stability of war materiel from the high-precision missile with radar, thermal and laser guidance systems.

MOSCOW, August 21. (ARMS-TASS).

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