In Russia created SRLP Krasuha 1L269-2

In Russia have created a unique station jamming Krasuha 1L269-2 developed in the Institute "Gradient" (Rostov) — one of the companies concern of the radio technology of the state holding "Russian Technologies".

The station jamming Krasuha 1L269-2 is built to military lessons of the South Ossetian conflict — it almost did not participate division of electronic warfare (EW).

The principle of the station is a set of actions in the course of which the impact of the radio emission (radio interference) for electronic warfare systems, control, communications and intelligence the enemy in order to change the quality of the information circulating in their military to protect its systems from those influences, as well as changing conditions (properties of the medium ) propagation.

The components of the ECM are electronic jamming and electronic countermeasures. The objects of the impact during the REB are electromagnetic fields (waves), and electronic warfare systems.

Probably, the production plant will be conducted Stavropol radio manufacturing plant "Signal". The station is offered for export and is presented in the showroom KRET (April 2013). According to unconfirmed reports one of the intended station — the suppression of air surveillance radars such as AWACS (hist — Pylyov A. ..).

Project status station jamming Krasuha 1L269-2:
— 2009 — The first mention of the station "Krasuha-2" in the online media.
— 2010 — unified terrestrial interference 1L269 module was showcased at MVSV 2010, but was not represented there. Perhaps because of the unavailability or incompleteness of test equipment.
— January 2013 — Publication of the appearance of the station 1L239 "Krasuha-2" from different sources. The appearance of the station in promotional materials KRET export-oriented consumer.

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