In Russia decreased production of alcohol

The production of vodka in Russia in 2011 fell by 9.5 per cent compared with 2010. In just one year, the country produced 86.3 million dal (equal to ten liters) of strong drink. This writes "Kommersant", referring to the Federal State Statistics Service.

In addition, for the year 2011 in Russia decreased by 9.1 per cent production of beverages with less than 25 degrees (up to 3.1 million dal), and by 39.5 percent (to 4.5 million dal) — beverages with 25 to 40 degrees.

Production of table wine in 2011 fell by 10.5 percent (to 40.4 million dal), reaching the level of 2009. In the "easy" segment showed better statistics champagne — the release of the drink fell by only 1.5 percent to 22 million liters. Brandy production declined by 10.2 percent to 8.1 million dal.

President of the Union of Winegrowers and Winemakers Leonid Popovich told the publication that the reduction in output was due to the actions of Rosalkogolregulirovaniya. In particular, many players stopped by plants, because they could not in time to get the license for the production of alcohol-containing beverages. He also noted that in 2011, many companies expire five-year licenses. The representative of the Union of Alcohol Producers Dmitry Dobroff explained the reduction withdrawal from the market of small players who were unable to compete.

According to the "RBC daily», in 2011 the leader of the alcohol market in Russia has become a Polish CEDC, which belongs to the "Russian Alcohol" ("Parliament", "Green Mark"). Over the year, the company produced 14.13 million dal of spirits, which is 14.6 percent less than in 2010. Second place went to "Synergy". The largest company — producer of spirits was the Moscow Distillery "Cristall".

According to Rosstat, in the whole of Russia for the 2011 production of consumer goods increased by 4.7 percent. The best performance was demonstrated by the food (for example, sugar production increased by almost 70 per cent). The decrease in the alcohol sector has been one of the most significant — the worst statistics only buckwheat, whose production declined by 13.8 percent. In addition to production of alcohol decreased the production of clothing and furniture.

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