In Russia developed aircraft engine thrust of 30 tons

The new high-power aircraft engine thrust of 30 tons under the symbol PD-30 can be set up within four to five years


This was stated by Chief Designer of "Smith" Dmitry Fedorchenko. "The relatively short period of time due to the lack of design and assembly of major technical risks," — said Fedorchenko.


He explained that the main structural components of the engine already developed, which will significantly reduce not only the timing of its development, but also R & D spending.

According to him, "In the world there are engines and 30 tons and 40 tons of thrust, but in Russian engines of this class so far." At the same time, the aircraft development program provides for the development of aircraft, which require motor pull 30 tons


"In addition, the engine is a 30-ton thrust may be needed for heavy transport aircraft An-124-300", — said D.Fedorchenko.


He noted that of "Smith" has extensive experience in developing high-performance engines. At the end of the last century, the company developed NK-44 engine thrust of 44 tons.


Fedorchenko also said that the basis of the PD-30 will be modified gasifier engine NK-32. "We are carrying out tests in thermal vacuum chamber CIAM YY", — he said.

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