In Russia developed an unmanned helicopter reconnaissance

Layout unmanned helicopter type introduced a new generation holding company "Helicopters of Russia" at the International Forum and Exhibition "Unmanned multipurpose vehicle systems» UVS-TECH, reported "Interfax" the director of the unmanned programs holding Gennady Bebeshko.

He said the security forces apparatus "Kite" will be offered in the intelligence, shock and transport options, as well as the solution of special problems — conduct electronic warfare, chemical, biological and radiation detection.

"With the elimination of the consequences of man-made disasters such devices are irreplaceable," — said Bebeshko.

According to him, the unit "Kite" refers to the medium-range UAV. Its application range is 300 km, said Bebeshko.

Maximum take-off weight — about 500 kg, payload weight without fuel — up to 150 kg. The device can work in the area of intelligence to 3 hours.

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